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          Business Policy:Provide our customers with competitive products and services

          Invested by Singapore, Shanghai Vico Precision Mold & Plastics Co., Ltd. is a fast growing High-Tech and exporting enterprise, dedicated in developing and manufacturing high-precision mold,injections parts, stamping parts and various precision electronic products etc, and it has provided Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide with various state-of-the-art products, i.e. automobile acce..


          We always first to honesty, quality, giving full play to the characteristics of enterprise essence, fine, special, carefully and provide users with every piece of fine, is the commitment to the pursuit of Vico

          Our productsFocus developing and manufacturing high-precision mold...
          Our production capacityOne-stop processing chain with design, precisionmold manufacturing...


          ● Guidelines and policies
          ● The core value of the six view of enterprise
          The customer is supreme
          The team cooperation
          Innovation and change
          Good professional degree
          Learning and sustainable development
          Efficient execution
          ● Corporate Events rich and colorful.


          Company:Shanghai Vico Precision Mold & Plastics Co.,Ltd
          Address:1250,Huajing Road,Shanghai
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