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          Brief Introduction
          Invested by Singapore, Shanghai Vico Precision Mold & Plastics Co., Ltd. is a fast growing High-Tech and exporting enterprise, dedicated in developing and manufacturing high-precision mold,injections parts, stamping parts and various precision electronic products etc, and it has provided Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide with various state-of-the-art products, i.e. automobile accessories, plugs and connections, home appliances and computer accessories etc. After ten years of development and growth, Vico has already held the leading position in its industry. Meanwhile, Vico has accomplished the customers’ assignment and orders with highly religious and prudent attitudes, and conquered one technical peak after with its precision products.With “Provide our customers with zero-defect product and service in time” as Vico’s business policy, we have won the recognitions from the clients at home and abroad, and taken up the stable and wide market share all over the world via our advanced machinery equipments, high-quality production, front-edge processing and well-known prestige.
          Vico’s quality policy is “Quality is visible, and process is critical”. After the joint efforts of the whole staff, Vico has successfully been entitled with the certification of ISO9001: 2002 and ISO/TS16949 by DNV, thus ensuring a more enhanced and sophisticated quality system.
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